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Overview of Our Process


Discovery is the foundation of the web design process.

The discovery process is where we get a feel for what it is you want to accomplish with your online presence through thorough research. We are going to take a close look at what you already have, who your target audience is, what your competitors are doing and what the trends in your industry are. This thorough requirements analysis ensures that we begin the process by doing our due diligence to understand exactly what strategy will work best for your desired outcome.


The planning stage gives you a visual idea of what the product will look like.

Once we know have done a requirements analysis and understand your company, your industry and your needs, we will begin planning the process. This often includes further analytics to help us completely grasp what is necessary to reach your goals. We will create a storyboard mockup and sitemap to show our ideas to you in a visual format. Once you approve the layout, we will move begin designing it.


The design stage takes the plan and makes it reality.

In the design stage, we take the information in the plan and make it reality with a documented site structure and visual representation. Our goal in the design phase is to create a unique interface that meets the needs found during the discovery process and incorporates the plan. You will work directly with a designer to create a site that impresses the visitor from the moment they land on your home page. By the end of this step, you will have the basic shell of your website, just waiting for content and interactive features.


Development is the programming process for the site.

This is where the programming and coding of the site happens with the help of a developer. We will build the development framework, create the code for each type of page on your site, add and test any interactive features and complete the site with the content you need.


Optimization ensures your site can be found and used by your customers.

A site that is not optimized might as well not exist. Once your site’s basic structure and coding is complete, our search engine optimization team will go to work ensuring that it can be indexed by the search engines and will achieve a high rank. We will also analyze all aspects of the site to ensure it is working properly. We will also check all links and monitor any security concerns, providing you with a report of all findings.

Project Launch

The project launch takes the site to a live server.

By this step, the site will look complete. Yet, final tweaks may be necessary to ensure that interactivity is complete and the user has a positive experience on the site. During this phase we will polish the completed design, transfer it to a live server, perform final diagnostics and then check across multiple browsers, including mobile. We will also do maintenance on the site for one month after it goes live, ensuring any unexpected problems are properly dealt with.


The final stage where the site becomes yours.

In the delivery stage, we will deliver you your completed site. You will have an optimized, user-friendly and professional website that meets your goals and is ready to be marketed. All of the features will work properly, and all that is left is for you to get out there and begin marketing using your favorite email marketing, paid advertising or social media marketing tactics.