Set clear goals on every page.
Each page of your site should have a clear purpose. For example, your homepage’s goal is to entice users to click through to your categories, or better yet, straight through to a product. On a product page, your objective is to provide the user with all the information needed to convince them to create a buy and make it very simple and easy to add an item to the shopping cart. Your shopping cart page’s purpose is to initiate the first step of the checkout process by clicking on “Checkout”. You get the idea. Keep this in mind when planning out the various varieties of pages on your ecommerce website.

Get users to come back.
Look for ways to get users to regularly come back. One great example is, which brings users back to its website through regular emails that go out announcing the arrival of new t-shirt designs. Another way they accomplish this is to allow users to get notified when a sold-out size is back in stock. Look for opportunities to bring users back to your website wherever possible. Ideally, the more a visitor visits your website, the more likely they are to create a purchase.

Create easy points of contact.
Break down the wall between you and your business partners to a minimum. Find ways to make it rather simple and enticing for business colleagues to contact you, thus putting you directly in touch with them. A few such example may be the capability to inquire about a product, to leave reviews, or to upload a photograph of themselves using the product.

Clearly display contact information Display your contact information visibly for your business colleagues. This way they know how to contact you if they have a question. Don’t frustrate them by having them scour your entire site to find your contact information or it could lose you a sale.

Simplify the checkout create a checkout process that makes it effortless for your visitors to get their products. For example, don’t ask for unnecessary information from the business friends. It has been proven that the more fields there are in a Web form, the fewer people fill it out. Also, the pages in your checkout process should be clearly labeled and free of clutter. For example, visitors should be able to easily distinguish between a shipping form and a credit card form.

Remember you’re not alone. the average person shop online by visiting a multitude of websites when looking for a particular product. They will eventually narrow down their choices to one. Whether your ecommerce web presence makes the cut will depend on a variety of factors.

Beware of your pricing. be sure it’s not higher than your competitor’s for the same product(s).

Beware of your shipping costs. If your shipping rates are not customized to specific products weights and distances, your web site may be charging too much for shipping and thus costing you business.

Do not try to be Amazon. very than selling everything under the moon, focus on a few niche product lines and grow from there.

Be up 100% of the time. make sure that your hosting plan is solid and that it can grow when you grow. This is one place you do not need to be skimpy.

Be fully secure. Shopping online offers lots of benefits but many business partners are still hesitant to purchase because they’re worried about having their information stolen. do pretty much everything you can to keep information of your customers safe. And display those trust symbols (i.e. VeriSign & McAfee) proudly on your site, indicating that your checkout process has been verified and is secure

Contact us today and start getting to take your business to next level with us.

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What is Responsive Web site design?

A responsive website is a single website site that adapts towards the device of each one unique visitor, whether desktop, smartphone, or tablet. A reactive website dynamically re-sizes their content in addition to imagery for a range of different screen sizes in order to ensure the website is powerful and convenient to use on just about any device.
Why should i have Responsive Web site design?
Responsive web page design is an amount efficient approach to designing with regard to today’s growing mobile marketplace. Some principal reasons to settle on responsive design on your website contain:
Rapidly growing mobile use
Mobile net usage keeps growing at a very rapid price that gifts enormous possibility. A website that isn’t optimized with regard to mobile use and overall performance stands the particular potential in order to leave a huge amount regarding opportunity in addition to business up for grabs. Our professional responsive patterns deliver spectacular results by both computer and portable users.

Efficient in terms of both occasion and price tag

Responsive website design can drastically lessen development occasion and price tag. Rather when compared with spending time and resources constructing a separate portable website in addition to your traditional desktop internet site, the reactive design approach lets you optimize your small business for the two desktop in addition to mobile with a single internet site Web design los angeles.
Best exercise for ranking elevated in mobile listings
Responsive design could be the preferred option in relation to making your web site both portable and google search friendly. By providing a sole, dynamic version of your respective website in order to both computer and portable visitors, you help it become easier for search engines like yahoo to recognize and serve your content.

Responsive web design Los Angeles

For more information you can check Responsive website design in Los Angeles.

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The modern business must have a web site that communicates its brand and basic information to target audiences. Despite that 89% of Internet users research restaurants online, thousands of restaurants still have little or no online presence. it is essential that restaurants develop and maintain a basic website. you might say that your business does not need a website, that it’s overpriced or you don’t have time to create or maintain it. But when the purpose of a website is to deliver value to your business acquaintances, who in turn generate business, a web site is essential. In the same way you satisfy customers when they visit your restaurant, you have to satisfy their informational needs online. For the restaurant owner or manager, there are many advantages of having a web portal. Here are a few: Continue reading

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Did you know that 89% of Internet users research restaurants online and 62% of diners research online before eating out? This means, you as a restaurant owners, needs a website, and a functional one. You want to project the right image to get people to walk through the door, and your location played a big part in achieving that. Having a restaurant website is the same; it’s the extension of your restaurant. It directs customers to you, and let’s them find out more about you, and the best part is you get to control the content (something you can’t do on review sites).
Benefits. Continue reading

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Static v Dynamic Website Design

There are basically two main types of website – static and dynamic.
A static site is one that is written in plain HTML and what is in the code of the page is what is displayed to the user.

A dynamic site is one that is written using a server-side scripting language such as PHP, ASP, ASP.NET, JSP, or Coldfusion. In a dynamic site the content is called in by the scripting language from other files or from a database depending on actions taken by the user. Continue reading

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We are here to help small business to launch their website design with affordable prices. We are a local web design company in Los Angeles. So whether you have an established business or you are about to starting out, sekopeko web design and development can provide you best services at affordable prices.

To learn more our affordable website design in los angeles please contact us.

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